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Our Principles:


The majority of items presented in KITnDO’s store are sourced directly from the country of origin you select.  Some are made locally in the place you order from, by individuals with roots in your chosen country of origin.


We make every effort to present products that are celebrating the specific culture of choice.  They may be produced from traditional materials or follow the traditional methods, highlighting folk motives or other typical symbols of the country, such as landmarks or personalities.


We try to offer a large scale of items so everyone can find something exceptional.  We want you to feel proud by wearing it, happy by tasting it and honored to share it.  We are open to any suggestions, especially if there are any items you have difficulty finding in the place you live in.


Lastly, our prices are fair as we want both to give back to the communities in the countries we source from and be affordable for those looking to buy a product reminding them of home.  Be aware that some items are available in limited quantity while others are available only in selected sizes.

Product Reviews

  • Slovak Welcome Kit ($48.00)
    reviewed by Monika H.

    I am very very pleased with my purchase of “Slovak Welcome Kit”.
    Can not wait to use it . Thank you.

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