We are proud to present you following collaborations. Notice, if you want to purchase any of these products, you will be re-directed to our partners websites.

Portrait of Ľudovít Štúr is one of the best-seller designs that came out under the name of Nox Benedicta, represented by the young talented artist, Natália Bodišová from Slovakia. It is strongly inspired by art nouveau and it combines classical elements with a modern touch. We are very proud to feature Nox Benedicta and its collection of this Slovak national hero in the United States.

We have teamed up with Slovak-Czech Varieties store located in Queens, NYC, to create this unique kit with the intention of bringing your childhood memories back to you!

This kit is sure to give you lots of fun moments with your non-Slovak friends, as they enjoy trying foreign sweets. Or how about with your kids, so you can let them taste the treats you used to love at their age? Or a solo moment of indulgent feasting – with no sharing ! Keep the linen bag to reuse as a St-Nicholas surprise bag! It was created in the heart of Slovakia, in Tisovec, and supports people with disabilities.

The kit is available in 2 sizes, XL (for $37) and S (for $22).

PS: A note for the younger generation: despite the bag having a Slovak tag, its content is geographically made within former Czechoslovakia. It includes both Slovak and Czech goodies!