Bohemian Glass Nail File Prague


Made in Czech Republic, by Blazek, these nail file improves the overall health of nails and make them stronger. It is built to last a lifetime. It is designed with a very special abrasive surface which is made to perfectly file the nails and to prevent your nails from peeling, flaking or splitting.

All Blazek decorated files are 3mm thick and double sided, so you can use it to file on both sides. This model is engraved with a design of Prague.
A long size model dimensions: 14cm x 1.2cm x 3mm (5.5 x 0.5 x 0.1 in)
Comes with a protective black velvet sleeve

It makes an ideal gift for any age or gender.

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Unlike traditional paper, metal or plastic nail files, a Blazek glass nail file can be washed and get sterilized easy.

J Blazek was the first to ever produce and patent the idea of a glass nail file as a solution to all of the above problems. Made out of special hardened Czech glass, the Blazek has won many international awards of innovation and performance.

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