Felix and the Princess’ Ring


Bilingual Slovak-English book for children aged 3+

The reader discovers an unusual story of Felix and the Princess’ Ring, accompanied by a cute cat named Felix. At first glance, it seems like a fairy tale. In fact, a significant historical event in the family of Juraj Thurza in 1612 at Orava Castle takes place before the eyes of the reader. Beautiful illustrations combine historical components with elements of a fairy tale. The texts in Slovak and English describe the scenes shown in the illustrations, reflecting historical facts. The publication helps to build and develop national awareness in a ludic way at an early age and at the same time, it effectively develops vocabulary.

Concept by Lenka Šingovská
Written by Lenka Šingovská
Illustrated by Viktória Madanská
Traduction by Aspena
Published by Class Slovakia

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First edition 2020, hardcover

About a story:
The book brings to life what is happening at the residence of Juraj Thurza during the preparation of the wedding of his most beloved daughter – Princess Barbara. The characters featured in the story are deeply reliving this extraordinary event, and the cat Felix, driven by unlimited curiosity, goes unnoticed. This gives it a rare opportunity to explore all corners of a medieval castle and give a glimpse into the lives of its inhabitants.

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