Grandmother’s Magic Hope Chest


Bilingual Slovak-English book for children aged 8 to 10.

The publication “From grandma’s chest” subtitled “Secrets of Slovak Castles” is the first in a series of books that aims to reach more than children and pass on them a part of Slovak preserved folk art.

Language and expression used in the text are set for children with Slovak mother tongue aged 8-10 years. Bilingual organization of texts that overlap appropriately will allow the reader to orientate with ease in the text and build quality vocabulary in both languages. The format, font and overall realization of the book are also selected to suit readers of older age.

Concept by Lenka Šingovská,
Collected and adapted by Martina Rusnáková
Illustrated by Zuzana Fusková
Traduction by Aspena
Published by Class Slovakia

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First edition 2017, hardcover

About the story:
In a blue cottage, in the middle of a picturesque village, a grandmother with a tenderness in her eyes is looking at the picture of her grandchildren who live far away. She wants them to like Slovakia even when she will no longer be here. She decides to write letters to them about the treasures of Slovakia through folk stories about Slovak castles, which will thus be preserved forever.
The publication consists of an introductory chapter and fifty-two stories.

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