In the Footsteps of Felix the Tomcat


Bilingual Slovak-English book for children aged 4+

Through this fabulously magical book, children get to learn about natural, cultural and historical specificities of different regions of Slovakia. Their inseparable companion on this trip is a cute cat called Felix. This illustrated publication is intended for children from 4 years of age.
By “tracking” the tomcat Felix, children playfully get to know animals, plants, constructions, clothing and the way of life of our ancestors in selected regions. In the seven chapters of this book, they will gradually reveal the forms of life in treacherous mountains, in the mysterious forest, in the royal town, in the shepherd’s hut, in the village, in the farm and at the water mill.
The eye-catching drawn representation of the region is complemented by a short narrative describing “what is happening” in illustration in both Slovak and English. A large map with regions at the beginning of the publication will allow the creation of a real idea of the location and size of the visited regions within the Slovak Republic. The illustrated overview of animals on the end of the publication fulfils the role of a practical vocabulary and effectively develops vocabulary.

Concept by Lenka Šingovská
Written by Lenka Šingovská
Illustrated by Katarína Barlová
Traduction by Aspena
Published by Class Slovakia

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First edition 2019, hardcover

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