Water adventures


Bilingual Slovak-English book for children aged 8+

This book is the third volume of the book series “Slovakia – a country full of wonders“, mapping the cultural, historical and natural heritage of Slovakia. It presents Slovakia through its natural wealth – water.

Slovakia is the second country in the world with the largest drinking water supply. The aim of this publication, subtitled “Water Adventures”, is to teach readers to perceive water differently, in a playful way. Through the adventure stories of little Miško who together with his father, a ship’s captain, is visiting different places of Slovakia. The reader will learn about different forms and ways of using water.

Language and expression used in the text are set for children with Slovak mother tongue aged 8-10 years. Bilingual organization of texts that overlap appropriately will allow the reader to orientate with ease in the text and build quality vocabulary in both languages. The format, font and overall realization of the book are also selected to suit readers of older age.

Concept by Lenka Šingovská,
Written by Andrea Bercik Nitkulincová
Illustrated by Zuzana Fusková
Traduction by Aspena
Published by Class Slovakia

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First edition 2017, hardcover

The text is designed to raise awareness of the value of water and to think about how we should take care of this natural heritage, so that it is preserved for the next generations. The book is enriched with illustrations with an educational character. Their added value are the details of objects in cross-sectional views, which the ordinary observer can’t see when visiting the site.

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